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A Case of Irritability, intolerance to withstand people, Noises and Hyper Responsive to Minor Stimuli (An Asarum Europaeum Case) – Hussain Kaisrani

Asarum Europaeum – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas   Patient S Malik, 25 years old, from Islamabad contacted me through phone for multiple ongoing and chronic problems. The clinical picture of patient was very diverse and as some problems were very prominent, others were very vague and complicated. Treatment was started for obvious and acute problems first (this included treatment of chronic insomnia, phobias, fears, anxiety, nightmares, numerous physical problems like anorexia, tremors and many others). The chronicity and severity of problems was such that it took her a while to reach to that point where her main issues started becoming stable and some new symptoms were noticed which were not very clear and slightly unusual too. During the multiple telephonic interviews, email correspondence and WhatsApp chats few complaints were constantly mentioned which were not very prominent (or significant) but kept on bothering the patient along the way. Patient's follow ups and feedback were constantly reviewed and monitored. On close and vigilant observation she was noted to show a whole new spectrum of symptoms or more precisely the complicated vague read more [...]

A Solved Case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Severe Fears and Phobias, Anti Social Behaviour, Anorexia, Nightmares and Insomnia – Homeopathic Treatment (Hussain Kaisrani)

Patient / Client Miss AA Khan, resident of Dera Ghazi Khan contacted on July 04, 2017, through Facebook Page and discussed her case on phone. She is a religious scholar and currently working as a lecturer in a college. According to patient, her complaint / problems date back 10 YEARS from now and gradually increased in severity and intensity along the way with occasional severe exacerbation and repeated use of multiple techniques to get rid of problems. After detailed case taking, following constellation of symptoms was reported by the patient. BEHAVIOURAL DISTURBANCES These were the most important and predominant complaints in overall case findings SEVERE ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS  According to her, the first episode of panic attack occurred ten years back during the flight and then it started occurring intermittently on several occasions. Panic attacks used to be severe in intensity, once started used to take hours and sometimes weeks to settle down. The frequency and intensity of panic attacks kept on increasing over the period of time. She used multiple techniques to treat them majorly including CBT, SLOW BREATHING EXERCISES, YOGA, RELAXATION EXERCISES, DIFFERENT MOBILE read more [...]

A Solved Case of Emotional Trauma, Severe Depression and Acute Stress Reaction – Hussain Kaisrani, Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant

Client Mrs AB, a working lady, resident of Karachi (Pakistan), contacted me on August 8, 2017 through Whatsapp for assistance regarding a sudden unexpected situation in psychological / emotional sphere. The real challenge was to overcome the barrier that her excruciating emotional stress had created over the past few days. The severity of problem was promptly identified and it was quite evident that if she did not get accurate medicine and support right away the phase will prolong and the effects will be detrimental for all aspects of her life. To halt the progression of this agonising phase the problem was dealt on priority basis. She was only responding with a calculated "Yes" or "No" which was not sufficient to make a definite diagnosis or to address the problem. A thoughtful technical approach and consistent efforts to reach the bottom of issue finally led her share her case in detail. After detailed case taking, it was learnt that she came across severe emotional blow from domestic settings in last 4 -5 days which crippled her normal functioning. She tried to manage it by herself but was unable to do so and her condition kept on deteriorating until finally she reached out for read more [...]

Review and Feedback of First Month’s Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani (Miss AA KHAN)

When I decided to start my homeopathic treatment, Sir Hussain Kaisrani discussed all the issues in detail on phone. My major issue was loss of appetite or inability to feel any need of eating. Right after two days of starting medicine, my appetite improved markedly and one morning I surprised myself by having breakfast at 5 AM because I felt so hungry (I never thought to eat at this time, even if I was hungry). Now a days my appetite is not very good but I can keep on eating after short intervals. My second major issue was waking up tired and unrefreshed in the morning (even if I used to wake up around 1 pm, I still used to feel sleep deprived). Sleep was always restless due to same, repetitive, disturbing nightmares which I was having from years and years (may be that was the reason I used to wake up un-refreshed everyday). My sleep was improved on 9th July (I still remember date and time because I never slept like that ever before), It was of short duration but it was like the carefree sleep of a little kid. I wish I could sleep like that one more time. After that my sleep cycle improved significantly. Now I wake up really fresh every morning. The frequency of bothersome dreams read more [...]

Severe Anxiety, Impulses, Behaviour disorder, Physical Pains, Hair fall, Mood Swings – Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment (Hussain Kaisrani)

Personally, I am quite convinced that i am the most weird human alive on the face of this planet (I can secure a runner-up trophy for that if not champion trophy, yes I am lame, thanks but don't treat that I like it this way) EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS While some of these can give you laughter fits and other may cause u nausea, plz don't judge me  There are days when I go through roller coaster of emotions (extremely angry at one time,  grief, annoyance, excitement, euphoria etc etc) but currently I have gone NUMB, like I am dead inside. I dont laugh, I dont cry i just EXIST and that's it. You may call it emptiness, apathy, indifference, I feel stony inside. Absolutely no feelings at all. Like i am a remote control machine or a ROBOT. I have strange impulses / urges recently. Like I just want to evaporate. As in i want to vanish all of a sudden from a scenario. I want to hide and never be found. When i am in a room i had have strong urge to sit in a corner instead of sitting on sofa / chair, I will have constant urge of sitting in the corner. If I am sitting on a dinning table I feel a strong urge to hide under it. If I am sitting on bed and i just feel disappearing under read more [...]

My Health Issues and Feedback of 20 Day’s Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani (Miss A A Khan)

I had my first ever PANIC ATTACK in 2007 in the plane and then this cycle started (Please CLICK HERE for full case details) . During last 10 years, my Normal Life has kind of ended completely. I did not like indulging in social activities like meeting people and attending any function, celebrations and weddings etc. The smell of food used to panic me. I thought that I will stop breathing (you can say feeling of choking) or I will vomit. The doctors suggested that my anxiety is due to PHOBIA. Initially, I was afraid of night, darkness and traveling so my discomfort or anxiety was more intense. And I used to have multiple panic attacks during the course of a day. Initially, when one panic attack used to set in, it used to take me 24 hrs (sometimes a whole week) to completely recover from that episode. I could not tell anyone about these issues and the troubles because thinking and talking about these made me even more anxious. And the biggest problem was that I could not sleep all night. I had a trouble lying down on bed. Many times it was not even possible to sit due to severe anxiety. I remember often I used to walk almost whole night in my room. And I used to sleep only while read more [...]

And here comes a Homeopathic treatment of a Pre Diabetic Patient – A case Study – Hussain Kaisrani

Mr GK - Age 49 - Married since 18 years contacted me in August 2016. Lets have a look on his case: About One years ago I felt some health problems when I returned back from the Europe after spending more than 10 year over there. Before coming back to Pakistan a homeopath in Paris, France prescribed me Silicia and some other medicines but it did not help significantly. In the meantime I went through a complete annual check up and found that my fasting blood sugar level is on abnormal side. It was 125 at that time (about a year ago). Vitamin D was also seriously deficient. I did not take any medicine (except Vitamin D injections orally) but tried to control the matter with exercise, physical activity and food management. After a lot of hard work I was able to reduce my weight from 90 KG to 82 KG in a year time. Also Fasting Sugar Level decreased from 125 to 122 or so. As per my understanding it is pre-diabetic condition as Fasting Sugar Level on 126 or more is taken as a diabetic condition. My symptoms before special care were: Excessive thirst and urine passing dryness of mouth Pain in right hand (above elbow area muscles) Backache on lower part in the read more [...]

A Solved Case of Death Phobia, Fear of Heart Attack, Severe Depression, Stomach Disorder and Anxiety about Health – Homeopathic Treatment (Hussain Kaisrani)

Dear Dr Hussain Kaisrani, AOA! As explained on phone, nowadays the only issue is my health issue. Feeling of left side chest pain, I have had multiple visits to emergencies in Pakistan and UK due to this chest pain because sometimes I feel sharp and heavy pain like attack. I had almost all major tests, nothing comes up in the test, I am having bad dreams, phobias of death and heart attack and before sleep, and I am having tough time to sleep due to phobias - having bad dreams and off and on. I am up and shouting one or two times at night, almost every night. Doctors are saying I do not have stomach issue, but still whenever I try spices or too sweet things, then extreme layer of pain of coming up to left side chest, I am feeling shortage of breath and feeling as if I am having my last moments. Other point wise details are below. Please feel free to text me on WhatsApp if I am missing anything.   Skin Issues: Bit dry skin but I am not worrying about dry skin or anything related to skin issues. Hair fall: I am using Clear Shampoo and my hair and dandruff is reasonable fine nowadays. Eye Sight: Got my eyes checked, one eye is getting weak, now its read more [...]

A Case of Young Medical Doctor: Severe Anxiety, Depression, Emotional imbalance, Cognitive Behavioral Disorder, Sleeplessness, Chronic Insomnia, Stomach Disorder, Skin Eruption and Hair Fall – Homeopathic Treatment and Homeopathic Remedies (Hussain Kaisrani)

  Dr F. A., a young medical doctor of age 25, from Rawalpindi, Pakistan contacted on April 19, 2017 to discuss her case on phone. She provided further details through email. The detail of her symptoms is being reproduced below along with her feedback and updates. We will keep updating the case and its follow up details here. Wise people say, "the first step of solving a problem is admitting that there is one". It took me a really long time that I am NOT fine and i need help. I have never been normal. During different phases of my childhood and adolescence, I had different fears and phobias Fear of death Fear of choking under the grave Fear of losing parents Fear of missing my school bus everyday But I never told anyone about anything. When I was in matric, i had a really bad breakdown knowing that I will have to leave my school and my friends (Everybody interpreted it as exam stress). I ended up at a psychiatrist clinic for the first time at the age of 14 years!! He prescribed me medicines. I topped my school in matric got admission on scholarship in college. College was uneventful. Then I got admission in Medical College. At Medical College read more [...]

Homeopathy medicines and treatment for dengue and malaria fever

Not all fevers are dengue or malaria infections. But in this ongoing dengue season, you should seek immediate medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner or hospital for any change in your body temperature. Following information is not a replacement for expert medical advice.   Prevention Malaria Officinalis 30c can be used as a preventive measure against dengue and malaria fever: One dose in the morning and one in the evening for two days. Repeat after 1 week for 3 weeks.   Treatment (1) If fever starts with vomiting: Ipcac 30c – One dose only in the beginning. This will take care of vomiting in couple of hours. Ferrum Phos 30x, Natrum Sulph 30x: Take both these medicines alternatively every 4 hours. These will take care of fever (and skin rashes if any.) (2) If fever is accompanied by extreme pain in the body: Ipcac 30c – One dose only in the beginning. This will take care of vomiting in couple of hours. Eupatorium perfoliatum 30c – 4 doses with 4 hour interval. This will take care of the body pain. Ferrum Phos 30x, Natrum Sulph 30x: Take these medicines alternatively every 4 hours for two days. These will take care read more [...]
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